Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Wind in the Wallows????

Well, there were mutterings from our RORC Commodore that the qualifying races may not have given crews sufficient practice of what might be thrown at them in the big race. In the event, looking at the GRIBs, it looks like we've practiced exactly what will be needed! The forecasts are telling us its going to be a very light wind race, with a risk of getting becalmed at just about every critical point in the race - Portland, Lizard, Lands End and the Bishop Rock. We're going to have to be particularly careful if the wind turns fickle at Bishop Rock, if the tide's taking us towards it.
Ho hum...better make sure there's plenty of rope for the kedge....
The good news is that those FABULOUS people at MEC Sail have pulled out all the stops and converted our motor boat back into a yacht - a brand new mast, complete with a new mainsail - and a scrubbed bottom to suit - fantastic! Thanks such a lot, Maria and David.
We're now jumped through all the necessary registration hoops for the race - unlike most of the fleet, who are currently listed as "incomplete" - see "entry list .

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