Thursday, 13 August 2009

We're round!

Phew! the strong westerly that we had beaten against, all the way from Land's End, finally decided to leave us to our fates, dumping us 6 miles from the rock, we spun for a little while, before the weather gods decided to have a bit more fun and blanketed us in fog. And, just to add a little spice, the water gods decided to join in and threw a in tidal current, carrying us straight for the rock. After about an hour, at 4-ish in the morning, by which time Grommit watch had taken over, we noticed a gentle breeze - from the east! It was hardly enough to flutter the Rolex pennant on the forestay but we soon had the main and jib pinned out. The old girl was game, but hardly moving. We hauled out and launched the No 1 spinnaker and were slowly on our way. We passed quite a few boats on our journey past the rock - none seemed to have detected or thought of the spinny and, of course, in the thick fog, had little notice of our presence.We finally rounded the rock at 05:17. Pantaenius and home!!

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