Monday, 17 August 2009

Back to t' mill

I always get tense at the end of races, and this was no exception. Our progress up the Cornish coast was mainly under spinnaker, but we had to work hard for every mile. The "emergency meal" of chili con carne was long eaten and the crew were looking at each other as if weighing up each other's calorific value. In the event, we turned the corner into Plymouth Sound without mishap and finished the race under spinnaker, dropping it in a neat handbrake turn behind the breakwater. We were lucky to be given a berth in Sutton Harbour, so really enjoyed the party atmosphere - needless to say, a few beers were drunk on our arrival.
And the winners of the mileage competition?? Actually, I had two bottles - one for each watch, which we drank almost as soon as we tied up. There are no losers on Flying Formula!!
Four of us took the boat back to Southampton on Saturday afternoon, arriving on Sunday afternoon, all set for work on Monday. I confess - I'm not sure my employer got their full money's worth today..
Nick has posted the results. It was a very close field and, looking at the tracker, I'm not sure we made any gross errors - especially given that we essentially raced only with a compass and a GPS.
I'd like to say a big thank you to the crew for being such a great bunch - I couldn't have wished for a more dedicated and easy-going crew. And to Nick for publishing all my reports on the blog.
And to you, dear readers, for all your nice comments, both within the blogs and to me personally.
We're contemplating doing the RORC Cherbourg on the first weekend of September. Not all the Fastnet crew can make it, so if you're interested in sailing with us, please contact Nick at the CSORC Crew Bureau.
Cheers Trev

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