Monday, 10 August 2009

A Breathless Night

Mon 0730 Well, we made it past Portland and are romping along at over 7 knots (SOG). Just crossed "Inspiration of Boss" But it was a hard night. The early night watch fought with a fickle wind, making reasonable VMG with the friendly tide. We had a meeting with Torbellino but lost them as night fell. But hardly had Grommet watch taken over when the wind died and we were left in 40m of water and the beginnings of a foul tide. We zig-zagged through the night and, as the tide finally turned again, we were only about a mile back from our original position - could have been a lot worse!


  1. From your track it appeared you had fallen through a hole in the wind. Needed a long anchor.

    Tracey is good at going backwards over the line.


  2. Pity about the light winds but the tracker is forecasting the wind to pick up to 10 knots by early afternoon. Seen any albatrosses lately? You are doing well as Neil comments - keep the spirits up! Nick