Friday, 14 August 2009

Our culinary goddess

I feel I must publicly sing the praises of Tracey who, as well as leading Wallace watch, has victualled the boat for the race. And she has been a star! We have dined like kings, upon dishes like chicken cassoulet, Loch Rannoch venison and Tagliatelle con Pompodori. All lovingly prepared and frozen, ready to pop into the oven when required. As I type, she is preparing a rhubarb crumble as a little lunchtime treat...this race will add serious weight to the rail..


  1. It sounds like a new target has been set for culinary achievement in the Fastnet. Richard and Jeremy have been eating boil-in-the-bag meals. Straight out of the bag!

    Nick B

  2. Yup - Tracey was a star!!!
    I talked to Richard after the race. Evidently it wasn't so bad - Jeremy served up one meal on a plate - admittedly still in the bag!! Also, I understand some of the meals were also hot...