Wednesday, 12 August 2009

What a difference a day makes ...

Wed 2135 We had a pretty good day on Tuesday after clearing the separation zone off Lands End, and some dolphins came to cheer us up even further. We tried our best to make some westing but a windshift made our northerly route significantly favoured, so up we went. Wednesday morning gave us a nasty surprise. A routine check of the batteries revealed 8 volts! We paid out the mainsheet as we were heeled hard over, and managed to start the engine and recharge them, but it has meant lost time as we cannot run the engine whilst heeled. After a few experiments, it looks like we have a short in the circuit to the tricolour. So we'll have to use deck nav lights from now on and keep fingers crossed. Also increasing the number of charging sessions - so likely no chocolates for the race.

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