Thursday, 13 August 2009

Romp to Pantaenius.

Thurs 0730: The leg from the Fastnet to the Pantaenius buoy is a short one, being designed to separate the outbound and returning boats. But we had fun! It was still foggy, we still had the spinnaker up and spotted another boat ahead, making its way to the mark. We were going well, not quite in the right direction, and when we were about 100m from the boat, a J109 [probably Aquaholix - a J105. Ed.], they spotted us. There was a flurry of activity as they launched their asymmetric and shot off parallel to us. We were flying the spinny at a ludicrous angle, collapsing and cavorting down the ocean. The French boat (for it was they), watched "les Anglais perfide" whizz past them as they snuffed their sail, hoisted their genoa and go off in the right direction. Needless to say, they rounded the mark before us, but it gave a nice lift to a grey day.


  1. Rounded Fastnet & on the way home - well done all, have some treats to celebrate (there must be some concealed on board somewhere!)

    From the look of the weather you should have a faster journey home to Plymouth. Nice day here in the South East - have a good day's sailing!

  2. Well done getting round and now making 6,5 knots I see - could even be home tomorrow evening?! Look after each other there are plenty of well wishers sitting pretty at home/work, land based and comfortable.