Monday, 10 August 2009

Towards Portland

The wind is dying with the sun as we make our way slowly towards Portland Bill. The IRC1 fleet are slowly moving up the fleet, which seems to have largely opted for the offshore route. That said, there are boats spread all the way from our position, about 6 miles off St Albans Head, to the coast.


  1. Good morning, hope you all had a good night.

    I see on RORC Tracker that you are still going strong! RORC reports increasing wind of 17kts from around lunchtime, so you should continue to make good progress. How's the new mainsail & mast performing?

    Is there a better way to spend Monday morning?!

  2. Going well - towards the head of your class - the tracker is fascinating - do let me know iof there is any onformation I can get for you! Weather looks great you luck ****!! Nick