Monday, 15 August 2011

The search for the deckbrush is a success!

Monday 10 am
A bout of illness among some of the crew necessitated a clean-up. This was almost thwarted by our inability to locate the deck brush. Luckily, David volunteered to descend into the bowels of the boat, so saving us the ignominy of arriving with a dirty boat.


  1. Hey, hope you're all well, there would have been no hope for me! I would have made the biggest mess.

    Tracking you and it looks good, just 1 question - why were you pointing back towards the start line yesterday about tea time? I net you heaved to, for just that reason, tea time!

    I'm about 50 miles infront of you on the virtual race and not feeling any ill effects!

    Keep up the good work!
    Happy and safe sailing
    Luv your number 1 fan. Jane x

  2. That is a very strange place to keep your crew , Mr Drew

  3. You're doing well guys keep it up - take care out there. Dont want any more Ramblers.

  4. Are you al OK? Looks like you have withdrawn and are heading home on the tracker, what happened?

  5. Recognise you'll be hitting tough times now, so treat yourselves to some goodies - Stay strong guys, ensure rest and keep your energy levels up. x

  6. Bad luck on the damaged mast collar, and good to see you are back in the channel and nearing port.