Monday, 15 August 2011

On a Charge

Mon 1430
We're just approaching the Lizard, after a great day's sail. The wind forced us a little south but we're now approaching our turning point for the Scillies in a couple of hours. The crew is well but the boat seems to be objecting to being so far from home - mainly by means of a battery that keeps going flat with alarming regularity - quite literally - with a 12v alarm going off every two or three hours, indicating a re-charge. And now the engine overheat alarm has joined in, even though the engine seems to be running fine, with cooling water running freely. A quick check of the sensor shows it goes off even when disconnected - maybe a short circuit somewhere??? Hope we have enough fuel to keep the electrics running!

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  1. Hi Trevor, Jeff wondered whether it might be an idea to disconnect the alternator after charging batteries as you may have a 'back-feed' thru the alternator, therefore draining the battery. Just a thought?