Thursday, 11 August 2011

Almost there now!!

Well, only two days to go!!
The preparations are going well, with most of the food bought – Emily has done a superb job of calculating our needs and organising everybody – she should be an army logistician!!
We’re planning to gather at Ocean Village throughout Saturday – some of the crew have very important, pressing commitments, so will not be there until late (enjoy the rugby, Dan!). There is quite a big job-list, prepping the boat and checking all the gear from top to bottom, stem to stern.
Those nice people at
MECSail have got Blue Juice in good order for the race – she was one of the boats selected for inspection by RORC and passed with flying colours.
As well as all the expedition meals, we have eight x 2L bottles of water, currently on Cardice, which will keep them at -40C until we sail – they should provide effective freezer-packs in the fridge!
Nick and I go to Cowes on Saturday afternoon, to pick up the “Skipper’s pack”, decals, flags and tracker and hear the briefing from the RORC Race Officer. Then back to the boat to fit the bits, followed by a hearty meal at the Royal Southampton.

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  1. Good luck guys n gals. You lucky lucky people - wish i was there! Be safe and have FUN! Jayne, an envious (!) CSORC member!